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  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay concrete plant was founded in 2001 and its main activity is the production of concrete and the supply of concrete. RMC Botany Bay is the company that has the largest share in the supply of concrete in the Botany area. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay enjoys a good reputation among customers because it fulfills its obligations and contracts for the delivery of concrete perfectly. Orders are carried out very efficiently, and the concrete delivered to the construction site with an actual capacity of 54m3 / h. Produced by Ready Mix concrete plant Concrete Botany Bay concrete corresponds to all previously set parameters. The high level of work organization, efficiency and equipment at the Concrete Plant's disposal ensures safe project implementation. We always care about the quality, compliance of the delivered concrete classes with project documentation, and also adherence to technological rigors. The management board of RMC Botany Bay, the management, technological and technical supervision showed professionalism, which is why we encourage companies and individuals to cooperate.

  • In our company Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay you will receive complete information about the material you need.The composition of the concrete mix is ??selected on the basis of laboratory analyzes and calculations (concrete recipe) so as to obtain concrete with the expected strength, resistance to external factors (e.g. with adequate abrasion, water resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance, thermal insulation). An important feature of concrete is its compressive strength. The guaranteed strength value is determined by the concrete class. Concrete strength as well as its durability and corrosion resistance depend largely on its porosity. The compressive strength of concrete - depends on many parameters:

    - concrete composition resulting from the type, grain size and strength

    - aggregate,

    - type and amount of cement,

    - environmental conditions (thermal and humidity conditions during care),

    - method of loading,

    - loading time and concrete age.

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  • Additional information for customers ordering the Concrete Delivery Botany Bay service. Access for truck mixers and cars with HDS should be located in such a way that the vehicles have to drive the shortest distance backwards. An employee should be appointed at the construction site to assist in guiding vehicles to the place of delivery. The place for the pump and pear assembly and the HDS car should be hardened. The access route must be adapted to the total weight of the vehicle. Particular attention should be paid to the proximity of waste tanks - septic tanks and rainwater tanks. The level of the concrete pump station must not be higher than the access road for the truck concrete mixer, as this could prevent unloading of the concrete mixer. Order delivery of concrete in our company Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay.

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay concrete plant offers a wide range of stationary machines. We have concrete pumps for smaller and larger heights. Stationary pumps for smaller tasks allow for the implementation of small and medium construction tasks at not too high pumping heights. The pumping height determines for these machines the power of the drive unit - Deutz internal combustion engine and hydraulic pump assembly. These pumps are very versatile in their applications, because they can be used in a wide range of construction tasks from pumping at the foundation stage, through flooding of ceilings to flooring works. Our company recommends the Concrete Pump Botany Bay service.


  • Botany Bay Concrete (ordinary) is formed as a result of binding and hardening of the concrete mix. Botany Bay concrete mix is ??a mixture of binder (cement), aggregate, water and any additives (up to 20% by weight of the binder) and admixtures (up to 5% by weight of the binder). The aggregates can be natural or artificial. Additives and admixtures improve the properties of concrete mixes and concretes, e.g. increase workability, delay the bonding process, increase frost resistance, water tightness etc. Sea (saline), mineral and polluted water (e.g. sewage, river) must not be used. Tap water can be used without testing. Order concrete in our Ready Mix Concrete Botany Bay concrete plant.